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Warning:  Toys for age 3 years or more may contain small parts and are not for children under 3 years.

Djeco Baby Color Stackitou-DJ06361-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Baby Color Stackitou

Djeco BabySouri-DJ06131-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco BabySouri

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Djeco Bricolou Tool Bench-DJ06418-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Bricolou Tool Bench

Djeco Little Balancing Game-DJ08554-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Little Balancing Game

Djeco Multi Stack-DJ06290-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Multi Stack

Djeco Puzz-Up Sea Puzzle-DJ01913-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Puzz-Up Sea Puzzle

Djeco Sologic Cubologic 16 Game-DJ08576-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Sologic Cubologic 16 Game

Djeco Sologic Cubologic 9 Game-DJ08581-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Sologic Cubologic 9 Game

Djeco Trainimo Jungle-DJ06318-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Trainimo Jungle

Hape Arctic Polar Bear Stacking Blocks-E0490-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Arctic Polar Bear Stacking Blocks

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Hape Caterpillar Fruit Feast Set-E1072-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Caterpillar Fruit Feast Set

Hape Deluxe Experiment Kit-E3032-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Deluxe Experiment Kit

$52.00 $69.99
Hape Fix-It Tool Box-E3001-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Fix-It Tool Box

Hape Groovy-Go-Round Gears Playset-E1065-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Groovy-Go-Round Gears Playset

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Hape Maple Blocks 50pc-E0409-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Maple Blocks 50pc

Hape Mr Frog Stacking Rings-E0457-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Mr Frog Stacking Rings

Hape Pepe Sound Stacker-E0448-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Pepe Sound Stacker

Hape Rocket Ball Air Stacker-E0387-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Hape Rocket Ball Air Stacker

$47.00 $59.99
Loulou Lollipop Stacking Cups - Classic-SCSCLS-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Loulou Lollipop Stacking Cups - Classic

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Loulou Lollipop Stacking Cups - Rainbow-SCSRBW-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Loulou Lollipop Stacking Cups - Rainbow