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Great Pretenders Shield

Great Pretenders

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Great Pretenders soft knights shield in red, gold and silver.

As a chivalrous Knight, it must be difficult to defend your yourself, honour, or pretty much anyone (or anything) for that matter, without a trusty shield by Great Pretenders. Fear not - bear arms from one of our three Knight shields. Made from a dense foam covered with metallic spangle and velvet, each one is individually finished with ornate trims to represent the kingdom you've sworn to defend. The back of this shield boasts 2 crossed wide elastic straps, so this shield can be held in hand, or worn over a crossed arm for easy hands-free defense.

Beautiful Knight shields made from dense foam covered in metallic spangle and velvet, embellished with ornate trims and emblems. Material: Textile, foam, plastic.

Ages 3+

SKU: 10001-RD

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