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Nooks Wool Booties - Harvest-HARVEST 4-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Nooks Wool Booties - Harvest

Nooks Design

  • $54.99

Nooks felted wool and leather Harvest booties.  Made from 100% New Zealand lambswool for comfort and breathability, and matched to a leather sole that’s both slip-resistant and rugged enough to be worn outdoors in dry conditions.  A gentle elastic holds them in place and a soft inner sole provides the versatility to wear them barefoot.

The adjustable flap closure makes them easy to put on even the squirmiest feet and secures around calves of all sizes for a comfortable fit. An elastic built into the ankle cuff gently holds them in place. Hook and loop ankle closure.

Canadian company. Made by Fair Trade-certified team based in Nepal.

Sized by shoe size with corresponding age in brackets.


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