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Djeco Rallye Game


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Game of calculation & strategy. Learning In order to win a rally round and obtain the right number of kilometres to be covered, a few tricks and good moves are required

Ages 6-10 years

2-5 players

45 cards, 2 dice, 11 car pieces

How to play: Each player receives six cards. The rest make up the stack. Players take it in turns to play in a clockwise direction. The youngest player starts and throws the two dice. The sum of the two dice indicates the number of kilometres to be covered (for example: 3 + 6 = 9 km). The numbers on the cards represent a number of kilometres. Once you have thrown the dice, add and/or subtract the kilometres on your cards to obtain the required result. You may use one, two or at most three cards.

To obtain 5 (in other words 2 + 3), you can put down the following cards: 3 + 2. But you can also use a combination of 3 cards: 3 + 3 - 1. As you lay down your cards, announce the calculation by which you obtain the right result. If a combination is correct, the cards are removed from the game. Continue in the same manner until one of the players runs out of cards. That player wins a rally round and a «car piece». A new round begins and each player receives six new cards. If you cannot play, draw a card from the stack and miss a turn. The first player to obtain three «car pieces» wins the game. NB: Older children can use the four mathematical operations: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

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