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Djeco Motamo Card Game-DJ05095-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Djeco Motamo Card Game


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With objects, characters, animals and more for your team mate to guess, you’ll need to concentrate hard and think like them. Watch out – you can only use one word to describe each one!

• An introduction to language games to play as a family. • Compact, easily portable box. • Durable, high-quality cards.

7 - 99 years
4-8 players

OBJECT: get your team mate to guess what’s on the card, using only 1 word for each image. Make up teams of 2 players. One player from each team draws a card without showing it to their partner. Using just one word, they have to make their partner guess each picture on the card. They start with picture n°1. If their partner gives the right answer, they try to make them guess the next picture, and so on until the last picture. If their partner does not give the right answer, the turn passes to the other team. Once all the pictures have been guessed correctly, the team wins the card and draws another one. They swap roles, and continue playing. The first team to win 5 cards wins the game.

SKU: DJ05095

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