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JoJo Maman Bébé Baby Wetsuits

JoJo Maman Bébé

  • $26.00


JoJo Maman Bébé baby neoprene wetsuits will keep babys torso warm so they can stay in the water longer. Velcro opening on shoulder, waist and bottom for easy on and off and adjustability.

  • Bestselling style

  • Keeps babies warmer for longer

  • Opens up completely for easy changing

  • Wraps around the body

  • 1.5mm coated neoprene

  • 100% Polyester Neoprene

  • Rinse by hand

SKU: B2091FUC1218

In the water, a warm baby is a happy baby.Made from high quality neoprene, these baby wetsuits keep body heat in and offer great insulation, which means babies and children can stay in the water for longer. This baby sized version opens up completely for easy dressing, wraps around the body and under the bottom and over the shoulders.

1.5mm coated neoprene

To avoid discolouration and ensure a longer life, rinse by hand in 30 degrees water immediately after use and hang to dry out of sunlight

Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs

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