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Gaia Baby Bamboo Wipes


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Made from soft ‘eco-friendly’ 100% biodegradable bamboo cloth and organic extracts, that biodegrades in just 14 days (as tested by the CSIRO), GAIA Natural Baby Bamboo Baby Wipes contain pure, natural, organic extracts to gently cleanse, soothe and care for your baby’s skin at change time. Containing natural moisturising agents, organic aloe vera and organic chamomile. GAIA’s sensitive skin formula has a light natural scent and is free from alcohol, petrochemical, soaps, sulphates and paraben preservatives, so it is kind and gentle enough to use on your little one’s face, hands and nappy area. Use in conjunction with GAIA’s popular range of skin-softening cleansers, moisturisers and soothing lotions to gently care for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

80 wipe pack.


It is hard to find good products that work for you, particularly if you have sensitive skin.
A lot of thought goes into creating our products, ensuring they are gentle and effective, and Gaia's rules are very simple

GAIA Skin Naturals' Ingredients

  • they must be naturally derived and use certified organic ingredients
  • they must be suitable for sensitive skin
  • they must include nurturing ingredients that are known to be beneficial for skin
  • they MUST NOT contain ingredients known to irritate or dry your skin
  • and they must be affordable for everyday use

Gaias formulations are created exclusively for our brand and a lot of time is spent researching ingredients and their benefits and more importantly, which ingredients not to include. Only ingredients that have been tried, tested and proven as gentle, non-irritating and known for their safety are used..

Made in Australian Certified Organic manufacturing facilities.


Gaia products are all Cruelty Free Accredited, this means that


  • All products are free from animal ingredients or animal by-products.


  • All products, except one, are vegan friendly - Skin Soothing Lotion contains beeswax therefore it is vegetarian friendly.

No animal is harmed in anyway to create our products and we don't test on animals.

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