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Co-operative Games Brainy Games-FP-BRG-Pumpkin Pie Kids Canada

Co-operative Games Brainy Games

Co-operative Games

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These are 3 logic games for the clever to enjoy are Brainy Games by Family Pastimes. Each game features a unique Flipping Strategy to keep you on your mental tiptoes and wanting to play the games over and over. Not for the faint-minded.

The Griddle GAme

You are a team of Short Order Cooks trying to cook up as many complete and unburnt Breakfasts as you can.

The Invaders Game

Together you build a protective Stone Wall around Castle, Village Huts, and Farm Fields to keep out the nasty Invaders.

The Flu Bug Games

You are a team of Doctors trying to get rid of a spreading Flu Bug & make well the Sick, among whom is Santa. Was there ever a better time to discover the Power of Garlic?

Includes: 7.75 x 7.75″ board, 2 dice, 10 hot spot tokens, 28 griddle tokens, 28 invaders tokens, 28 flu bug tokens, 4 storage bags, rules for all 3 games. © 2003 

1 to 9 players, Ages 10 to Adult

Made In Canada with Eco-friendly  materials.

Co-operative games are perfect for children of multiple skill levels as they play together instead of against each other.  Learning lessons like sharing with and being kind to others. Learn how to share and collaborate to solve our problems as well as enjoy each other’s company. At the end of the game you determine how far you got as a opposed to winning or losing. Measure your success. 

No more arguing about who lost or won! You will love the co-operative game concept


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