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Djeco Alien Cafe Game


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Cooperation Become a server at Alien Café, the galaxy's mort famous fast-food joint. Be cooperative, quick and on your toes: the guests from the 4 corners of the universe are demanding!

Includes: 4 restaurant trays, 104 tiles (40 Alien tiles, 40 Order tiles, 24 special tiles), 1 3-minute hourglass, 2 fabric bags.

Principle of the game: become a waiter at Alien’s Café, the galaxy’s most famous fast-food joint. Be quick and make no mistakes: customers from the four corners of the Universe are demanding!

Aim of the game: Alien Café is a cooperative game where the players must work together to provide an exemplary service in the time given. To do this, each player must complete their restaurant room with the correct aliens, placed next to their orders and their friends.

Number of players: 2 to 4
Ages: 7 - 99 years
Duration: 20 minutes

SKU: DJ08410

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